Free Market Road Show: Amsterdam! – June 9th

The Free Market Road Show is coming to Amsterdam!

One June 9th, a jam-packed event in the heart of Amsterdam will bring together Libertarians from across the Netherlands.

Speakers both Dutch and International will discuss how the Netherlands, once the bastion of tolerance, the free market, and liberty, has begun to give into anti-liberal pressures: calls for abridging free speech, for lockdowns on peaceable citizens, for ever-more regulation. This has only worsened with the Russia-Ukraine war.

We are pleased to host this event in partnership with the Austrian Economics Centre, Vienna’s Free Market Road Show programme. The Free Market Road Show is an exemplary programme in which speakers travel Europe discussing the politics, economics, and philosophy of liberty. The themes of this year’s event will include the Russia-Ukraine war, Free Speech, Dutch Capitalism, and the ongoing impact of the Covid lockdowns.

Time and Location are TBA. Please keep an eye on this page and our social media for updates.

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